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10th July 1917 White heather for luck


Note. David did not receive this letter: it was returned by the BEF

May to David    Tuesday 10 July 1917  [returned marked Wounded and Missing]

My dear David,

Such a shame. The compartment filled up at Beckenham this morning. I caught the 8. 30. because we are so busy and I asked all the girls to start work at 9 0. this morning rather than stay late. Still, we did enjoy ourselves last night, didn’t we? I have borrowed a more recent First Aid book than my own, so read that in the train. The Germans see they are so busted up all round that their only chance is, they think, to frighten the women workers in London. Silly fools; it only makes us think that that is what our men folks are going through, so take it calmly and philosophically, only of course you have the concentrated essence of it, and we are only getting a flavouring.

Caught my early train home last night as usual, and knitted as usual. The workmen have not yet come back so we cannot transplant our vegetables yet as they will only tramp on them.

We are getting or with our work very nicely indeed, though raids are a hindrance. We are only 5 days behindhand. Of course these raids make us extra busy; they are very good for business.

I slept very well last night; only wish you could sleep as well. I know you are having a hard time. Never mind; you shall have a rest one day, and shan’t we both enjoy it?

Cannot stop any longer just now.

  1. 30. Last Saturday morning one of the girl supers gave me a piece of white heather that had come up from Scotland. White heather is supposed to stand for good luck, so I am told. I gave it to Mama when I got home, but she said “Send it to David. It will bring him home safely.” But I have forgotten it each day; I must send it to-morrow, or a bit of it.

No raid today so far, and it is just an ideal day for one. Bright with white clouds for the devils to hide behind. It is rather chilly. The brilliant hue of my nose is disappearing, I am glad to say, but it looks swollen. Yes, I evidently have taken to drink.

Can’t think of anything else to say just now.

Did I tell you we are going to send our old office cleaner away this year?  She knows someone at Brighton who will board and lodge her for 14/- for the week. The fare will be 12/7, and she will have 11/- of her own to spare. We have already collected £1, so she will be able to be a real lady again for a whole week. The thoughts of it are keeping her going. Poor old soul, these last two raids were very bad round her neighbourhood, and she was too bad after each to come to work.

4.30 Connie is coming this afternoon to see Mama, who by the bye is not anxious to see her. She will be gone before we get home. We have not told Ern.

No raiders here yet.

5.30 Goodnight. See you later.


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