France & Belgium 1917

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7th July 1917 I may be home by September

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David to May July 7th 1917

I got your letter. (3rd) just as I came off duty about 2 A.M. this morning, so that I almost had two letters in one day. I crawled into my bunk, stuck a candle up just behind my head and then went over two or three times all you described.

So you are having a holiday in September. Well I may be able to get home by then – don’t expect it will be before then, but I ought to be going about that time I should think. Where shall we go and what shall we do – I guess I know the answer to the last or at least I know the greater part of it.

I am glad you are going out with Miss Willsher and I want you to have as good a time as you can. Wish I could be there and finish up by going down to Beckenham with you.



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