May to David Beckenham 9.5.18
My dear David,
A couple of letters back I told you I had dreamt I was wearing that ring. I have turned up our wonderful dream book, and by the way of a change find it is a lucky dream. According to this book my dreams usually mean I am going to be hanged, drawn, quartered, imprisoned, lose all my friends, and have bad luck generally. This dream, however, means I shall quickly be united with the object of my affections. Perhaps you will be exchanged with the next batch of prisoners. You are damaged, and have been a prisoner for almost a year now, so I am living in great hopes.
I had a letter this morning from Mrs Taylor asking me to go to Balham for the weekend. We had not arranged last weekend as she did not know whether she would be going to Watford. I have replied saying I would go, but wanted to work in the cemetery on Saturday afternoon. It must look deplorable. The frost got in the conservatory during the winter (Mama was studying war economy, and would not light up the oil stove, with disastrous results), so I am thinking of plants stocks. Some of them are supposed to bloom for 11 weeks, and ought to be a grand sight.
Will continue this letter tomorrow.
This morning I had a letter from Mrs Taylor enclosing a post card from you dated 18th March. I had your letter of 1 April about a fortnight ago, and generally the post cards are much quicker coming. I expect during my holiday Mrs T and I will go to Cox’s with this post card in which you say they are to pay over the balance except £25. The letter you wrote them has never come to hand. Of it may yet. I saw in the paper a few days back that the post to Germany had got congested, but that things were now getting better.
Another glorious day. At lunch time we are going to settle holidays.
5.30 Here endeth another busy day. Just off now to pay the butcher’s bills. Goodbye.