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16th July 1918 Share certificate

May to David Beckenham 16.7.18 Tuesday My dear David, Just a line to say Mrs Taylor has come into the Office with Read & Brigstock’s reply about your first share certificate. They write:- “In reply to your letter received this morning we are holding the certificate for the 15 Malayalam Shares purchased on account [...]

15th July 1918 Lady architects

David to May Holzminden July 15th 1918 My Dearest, I was awfully surprised and amused to get suddenly your letter describing “my young lady’s” visit to Watford, for I had had none of your previous letters during your holiday and had no idea you were going there. But I am glad you went as [...]

15th July 1918 Shop gazing

May to David Beckenham 15.7.18 My dear David, This is St Swithin’s Day, so of course it has rained. A week ago people were moaning about the dry weather. Now they are moaning about the wet. Saturday I left early, at 12.30, and went to Balham, just in time for a lovely dinner. During [...]

11th July 1918 Regards weather

May to David Beckenham 11.7.18 My dear David, My income tax paper arrived this morning – so welcome -, and while hunting through some private papers for ideas for filling up I came across a copy letter I had written to Read & Brigstock, which gives me some particulars I wanted without troubling Mrs [...]

10th July 1918 Making fortune

May to David Beckenham 10.7.18 My dear David, I forgot to mention in my last letter that it looks as though your cousin will have to join up. I hope so. The Board he is working for say they do not think the work he is doing is of sufficient national importance to get [...]

8th July 1918 Dog antics

May to David Beckenham Letter No 137 8.7.18 My dear David, I reckon 15 minutes after lunch on Mondays belong to you, i.e. for your letter, and the whole of that time has been taken up listening to complaints. I ought to be used to them by now. Well, I must take another quarter [...]

8th July 1918 Mourning Buzzard cake

David to Ginger (Ethel Linn) Holzminden Post Card No 11 July 8th 1918 I have had no letter or anything from you since my last post card at the beginning of last month. In two days time I shall have done twelve months “time” & am already looking forward to going to Holland, so [...]

4th July 1918 Talking about holidays

May to David Beckenham 4.7.18 My dear David, I forgot to tell you the other day that Miss Willsher called in at the Office and said they took £103 at their bazaar, and expect another £7 to be sent. This is record. They usually get £70. It is only a private affair which takes [...]

2nd July 1918 Malayalam dividend

May to David Beckenham 2.7.18 My dear David, I forgot to mention in my last letter that Mrs Maconachie said she did not think I had altered in the least, and I think it was either 2 or 3 years ago when she last saw us. I thought I had aged lately, but perhaps [...]

1st July 1918 V.A.D Hospital

May to David Beckenham 1.7.18 My dear David, Talk about being busy – I get worse and worse, but somehow I shall always find a few minutes for my darling three times a week. Saturday the weather was lovely. I left the office 12.35 caught the 12.45 to Bush Hill Park. Mr Mac was [...]