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14th Aug 1918 Education books

May to David Beckenham 14.8.18 My dear David, I have just had 10 minutes’ hindrance, and I only get quarter-of an hour for writing to you. Isn’t it too bad? Heard from Mrs Taylor this morning. The funeral is to-day at 3.30. Mrs Taylor is going and will stay the night. Mrs Day is [...]

12th Aug 1918 Vacuum cleaner

May to David Beckenham Letter No 153 12.8.18 My dear David, Friday I left business at 5.30 and called at the butcher’s to pay the bills on the way home. In the evening we worked hard at the garden. Next day I was consequently stiff. Saturday I worked till 3.0. Tonight I shall be [...]

9th Aug 1918 Worst is over

May to David Beckenham 9.8.18 My dear David, Thursday morning another letter came from you – two in under a week. Your letter was dated 1st July, and contained the news that you had not heard from me for about a fortnight, I think. On two occasions I have had to wait 5 weeks [...]

7th Aug 1918 West End branch

May to David Beckenham 7.8.18 My dear David, This morning we had a compartment to ourselves for half the journey, and we discussed lots of things. At any rate, we started to discuss lots of things, but interruptions prevented decisions. We wondered if, as the drawing room according to the plan was a large [...]

6th Aug 1918 Dear Mrs Day

May to David Beckenham 6 August 1918 My dear David, On Friday I went back to Balham reaching there at 8.0, and Mrs Day & I retired at 9.30, both feeling ready for bed. On Saturday I went home, after working from 9.0 til 2.0. It thundered in the afternoon. Caught the 6.0 train [...]

4th Aug 1918 Marching boots

David to Ginger (Ethel Linn) Holzminden Post Card No 12 Aug 4th 1918 I have your letters of April 16th & May 24th & 26th and lastly one from Erl with a vastly amused gentleman on the heading & a page full of kisses. Please thank her very much indeed & tell her I [...]

2nd Aug 1918 Highly respectable wink

May to David Balham 2.8.18 My dear David, What do you think? Your highly respectable and much esteemed Aunt Maria deliberately winked at me the other day – last Wednesday evening it was, about 7.30. Shall I ever recover from the shock, I wonder? No small wonder that, later on in the evening when [...]

1st Aug 1918 House for £800

David to May Holzminden Letter No 27 August 1st 1918 My Dearest, I have just had four of your letters altogether and so took them outside to thoroughly enjoy myself. I am awfully glad you do manage to “find a few minutes for your darling” as life would be pretty empty without your letters. [...]

31st July 1918 Meeting Aunt Maria

May to David Balham Letter No 148 31.7.18 My dear David, On Monday I left at 7.0 reaching Balham before 8.0, and took Peter for a scamper, and after that pottered about in the garden. The weather has again turned gorgeous. Yesterday, Tuesday, I left the Office at 5.30, no, 5.20 and was home [...]

29th July 1918 War news better

May to David Balham 29.07.18 My dear David, I have just made up the overtime for the month of July, and I have taken £3.11.-. The rush is now over, and the work is slackening down very much. There will not be much, if any, overtime to do next month. On Saturday I left [...]