May to David Beckenham 13.5.18
My dear David,
Last Friday I mowed the front grass plots and Ethel cut the hedges. The front garden now looks very nice.
On Saturday I left business early, had “dinner” at Lyons (I can almost see you scowl, but I did enjoy it – coffee and bread & butter and honey, my favourite) and then went to the cemetery. It was cold when I left home so I put on my winter coat and fur hat, but it turned out piping hot with a blazing sun. I was melted all the afternoon, and the ground was hard to dig up. It took me just two hours, and now I am not entirely satisfied. I left it with plenty of lime on. Reached home soon after 5.0, had a big tea, then a bath, and by the time I was dressed dinner was ready, roast beef & vegetables. Had a hearty dinner, and then went off to Balham. Walked out with Mrs Taylor & Peter, had supper and then off to bed early. How I slept! Sunday was wet, pouring first thing, so we stayed in bed and talked till after 11.0. Had breakfast at 12.0 when it turned out beautiful, so Peter took me out for a walk. Dinner at 2.30 which I enjoyed immensely. Mrs Taylor, bless her heart, had made me one of her custards. I made a pig of myself, as usual. In the afternoon, having no energy for walking, I finished my book, The Broad Highway, rather a nice tale by Farnol. After tea we walked on to Tooting Common which was a lovely sight. The May trees are now out, and the place smells simply lovely. Mrs Day is staying over till Tuesday at her daughter’s, so I am going back to Mrs Taylor tonight. I must write a note to Mama to tell her, as she has no idea of it.
There was a very pressing invitation from Mrs Capel this morning for Mrs Taylor to spend Whitsun with her. I have tried to persuade her to go. Mrs Capel’s daughters both have invitations for the holiday but don’t want to leave their mother alone. I expect Mrs Taylor will go, and I expect she will enjoy herself.
Our overtime money has just come up, and I am richer by 16/-. What shall we do with it?
Can’t stop any longer, want to leave early if possible and spend some time in Balham. As it is a beastly wet day today I might practice, and look at your photo over the piano.