May to David Beckenham 7.6.18
My dear David,
This will be a short letter as it is late. Have tried to write all day, but been busy interviewing girls & such like.
The Datchelor school have a business training class and they wrote me. The two they sent were not proficient enough for me, but one I think will do for the Accounts Dept. That Dept wanted to take another of my girls and let me have a new one to train, so naturally I failed the girls who came for their test today. Really though, they were too slow, though I have taken on slower.
War-Time Gardening is now out of print, but I am sending on The Allotment Book in place of it. “Market Gardening” is reprinting.
Tomorrow I expect I shall be going up to the cemetery in the afternoon, and doing needlework in the evening. Sunday I am off to No 56.
Wednesday night I went to Maud’s and did her income tax paper. Weather is hot and lovely. This morning Ethel read in the paper that in one part of Prussia the glass was below zero. We cannot imagine it here. It has been exceptionally hot the last week or two.
Cannot stop any longer, so Goodbye, hoping you are keeping well, but having my doubts about it.,
PS I have not even yet bought a present with the money I had from you. Am I not awful? I cannot make up my mind. What I want I can’t have. Just like this world, isn’t it?