May to David                     Beckenham                        6.11.18

My dear David,

Beckenham is excited to say the least of it. It always did think itself a MOST IMPORTANT place, but imagine its feelings now that the new Lord Mayor is a Beckenham man, and of course he will be the Peace Lord Mayor. The tradesmen’s boys are full of it. Our milk boy is a typical Beckenhamite. He was talking about the new Lord Mayor the other day to Mama, and said “I serve the Marshalls with milk. Of course you know Mr Marshall, don’t you ma’am?” Mama was awful enough to say No. The boy almost fell backward, and finally gasped “But you must; he lives close by, and has a dozen and a half daughters, and keeps the chain up at the side door!” Alas, Mama only shook her head, keeping a straight countenance with difficulty. He doesn’t deign speak to her now.

I almost finished Bill’s gaiters last night, and will quite to-night. In the train this morning I started some lace to go on a couple of towels – not for the bottom drawer. Can’t imagine you liking to wipe a nice tender skin on some scrubby crochetwork. These towels are for our sale.

Ern gave half a dozen silver spoons he had won at shooting, and had them put in a case. I reckon they are worth £2.2/-. We raffled them, and thereby got £4.1/- for them. I did the drawing, and the spoons fell to Eccles. He is awfully pleased with them. I was quite honest in the drawing. Mr Maconachie promptly offered him 10/- for them and was very hurt because his offer was spurned! All the men are indignant that Eccles was the winner, saying “What does that crusty old bachelor want with spoons?” I tell them he is starting a bottom drawer on the quiet. Poor man, he will get teased before long.

I am no longer counting the months till your return, but weeks!

Goodbye for a little while.


PS The Lord Mayor’s Show does not come by the Office this time. Really I am pleased. It is such a hindrance as I can’t get much work done, and I have now got 93 girls to get excited!