May to David 6.4.18 Letter No 100
My dear David,
When I reached home last night I found your letter of the 14th February waiting. Wasn’t I glad! The previous letter containing the one to Cox has not yet come, but I expect it will within a day or two. They have come out of order before. I will reply to the letter next week as I am too busy just now.
It is a wet day for which I am glad as we are staying this afternoon till 4.30 to try to get up our back work a bit. This morning I posted on to Mrs Taylor your letter for her and one for C Webber; also a copy of most of mine. If I am not too tired tomorrow I shall be going over in the afternoon to stay the night. The workmen have finished and we are getting nice and straight. Put the larder and pantry right last night. I am not working too hard, so you need not worry. I am just enjoying myself immensely and feel I too am getting on with the war. One of our men came back from the front during the week. Of course he came straight in to the office, although it was only a few weeks ago that he was married. The office has great attractions for the men. I asked him if the war was going to last another 2 – 5 years as some folks liked saying. He emphatically said “No, of course not. No nation can stand losing hundreds of thousands of men a week. This is the end.” Since then I have felt more cheerful about seeing you soon. I did not altogether like the idea of waiting another 5 years before I got a glimpse of you. Now, don’t get a swelled head over that. I know I am not particularly given to flattering folks, am I?
Look here, you remember I told you about a dream I had respecting a beach hut or barn in which there was sleeping accommodation for about 4 folks. The more I think about that dream the more I like it and think it practicable. It ought to be turned to good account. When this wretched war is over practically all folks who are now in a state of single blessedness (what was that you said? Don’t you know the proverb ‘Where singleness is bliss ‘tis folly to be wives’?) will be getting married, and then there will be shoals of children. They are expensive luxuries and accommodation at seaside places often not easy to get, as many boarding houses will not take them if young, and also some apartments, so small inexpensive huts near the beach fitted up a la board ship ought to let like wild fire. Will you think it over, and work out cost. It might pay us to erect a row in some place where there are sands.
Must stop now as it is 1.20 and I am about to work 3 hours and so earn 6/-. Goodbye.