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David to May   July 5th 1917


My Dearest,

Just got your letter (Sunday) all about your journey to Somerset House. You poor little girl, what an awful time you are having. I am sorry to hear Mrs Muggridge is still so slowly recovering.

Look here don’t worry too much yourself. You are watching Mrs Muggridge all the time, and you know when she sleeps and when she doesn’t, but it seems to me that you are getting no sleep yourself. You’ll be ill if you go on like that.

I have just heard about the Russians getting their haul of prisoners. Isn’t it splendid.

One of the fellows here had an idea this morning. He said the Allies should push on each front alternatively, then the Germans would begin to take troops from one front to the other alternatively, until at last they would have them coming and going so quickly that they would have an army stuck half way between the two and not know which way to turn, which would give us our chance. We still have some brains in the army!

I wish I could take all that worry business off your hands and do it all for you.