May to David Beckenham 5.1.18
My dear David,
Sorry I could not finish yesterday’s letter, but we were so busy. Last night I was asleep in a few seconds and slept heavily right on to nearly 6.0. Feel full of work today. This is supposed to be my Saturday off, but we are too busy for holidays though I want to leave at 12.0 sharp to go to Whiteley’s to get Ethel some dress material. They close at 1.0, and Ethel cannot get off.
Had a letter from Mrs Taylor this morning from Watford. She is staying over the weekend as they want her so. Your beloved Aunt is much better; the weather has been very cold there, and she has had no word from you, and have I heard? No, I haven’t heard. Will I write to her at Balham? Yes, I will do so now. When shall she see me again? I have told her she shall have my day off as she likes, and we will go to Brixton about that business of hers, but she has not got all the charges in yet. She has promised to let me know directly she has them, and we will go at once then and get the matter settled up.
I must get on now with the work, so Goodbye for a short time.
P.S. Your photo that has been enlarged has now been framed, and Miss Carter brought it up this morning. There are at present 19 girls gazing at it, and saying such nice things – about you, not the frame. Thank goodness you can’t hear them. You might get conceited. Guess the tale will go round the Office now that I am engaged, and speculations will be made as to who will take my place, and what fine times they will have etc etc.