May to David 18 Manor Road, Beckenham. 4. 1. 18. 11.0
My dear David,
This will be a short letter as we are so busy. Our rush has started, and I have four girls away to-day, two being seniors! Won’t the men be pleased?
I finished my first pair of stockings last night, and this morning started another pair. Almost finished the “Lure of a Soul” last night.
It is still very cold, and every now and then we get a sprinkle of snow which freezes away.
Can’t stop longer now; will write more later on I hope.
1. 30. Yesterday I caught my late train again. We like that train. To-day I had to leave earlier because of paying the supers.
I am longing for a letter from you. As I had two the week before last I must expect to have to wait a month, but waiting is hard. I don’t mind if Mrs. Taylor gets a postcard, but she has not dad one since the last letter. Directly she has one she writes to me. Doesn’t it make you feel important?
5.40 Just finished, and tired out. How I long to fling myself down full length.