03.11.17 to G

David to Ginger [David’s sister Ethel in USA]    Holzminden     Nov 3rd 1917

Dear Ginger,

Thank both John and yourself for your offer to keep my bank balance going, but I believe my pay etc goes on as before, so that I can get along quite well. Your bread is coming regularly now and is very good, thanks most muchly. I think I told you that your letters arrive as quickly as those from home, especially that via Berne. Will you please thank Mr Charrington for me for all he did. As you can see I am in another camp and have met about 6 or 7 other officers of my regiment who were taken in the early days of the war. They were most good to me when I first arrived. My head and all the rest have now quite healed and my ear apart from the deafness is alright again. It will be Xmas when you get this and I hope you will all have a very good time.