David to Ginger (Ethel Linn) Holzminden Post Card No 9 May 3rd 1918
I have just had your letter of Feb 21st. By the way if you send letters direct to me they come quicker. I am awfully sorry to hear that John has had to have another operation but Mum in her last letter said it had been successful & he was better. I hope he will get thoroughly well again now. I am sorry your arrangement with regard to the Harrods parcels got messed up. I told you some time ago that the Berne people had discontinued their bread since December. I am trying to do a little work now, having got some books on Civil Engineering & Building from home but it is somewhat difficult as one cannot get alone by oneself. Could you send me any of the American Building Journals such as the American Architect, Architectural Record or brick Building or papers like these. They should come through by letter post. Please write more often than you do. I hope the kiddies are alright & you yourself also.