May to David Beckenham 2 & 3 May 1918
My dear David,
This is my birthday, and I am enjoying it in spite of the fact that you are not really with me. Miss Willsher has left me an enlarged photo of myself, which I think is very flattering, but the girls at the office don’t think so, so they say. At any rate I shall hand it over to you when you return, unless you don’t want it. I shall have it framed the same as yours. Miss Willsher also wants me to go out with her to see some wonderful old mansion that Sir Arthur Lee has given to the nation as the country residence of the Prime Minister. It is a good way out on the G.W.R. I have promised to go. The girls have given me a fancy silver dish on ornamental legs, for holding sweets I think. It looks very handsome and I told them seemed suitable for a wedding present, when one cheeky beggar, Miss Daffarn, informed me she had looked up the meaning of my Christian name, and found it meant “Beloved” which they considered appropriate! What am I to say to such giddy kippers? And I am supposed to be strict with them. Muriel has written me a nice letter and in it mentions she has a £20 rise which she politely puts down to the early training I gave her! I have not spent your £4 but expect to soon with Mrs Taylor’s aid. We had got behindhand with the work, so have been staying late this week. We have now got on very well, so perhaps the week after next I might start my holiday. I am saving for a fortnight for the early autumn, or late summer when I expect you will be back, especially as they are getting on so well with the war. I have also had given me by the girls a lottery ticket with their best wishes for a prize. I forgot to mention further back that Muriel has been too busy to write you lately for which she is sorry, but will do so as soon as possible. I have a lovely large bunch of pinkish tulips given me by the temporary girls, and roses to match. Last night on the way home I invested £14 and still have £10 at home to go on with. Everyone seems to be making money wholesale.
This is tomorrow. After leaving Office yesterday I went to St George’s Hall and booked 22 seats for the staff girls for Saty aft 25th May. This is the first time I have been out for a year excepting going to Balham, and the other Saturday to Maud’s.
Mrs Taylor has sent me some lovely handkerchiefs. I must write to her now. Tomorrow I shall be having off – I have much to do – and on Sunday I shall be going to Balham to stay the night.
I must not stop any longer as we are so busy. Goodbye.
PS Last night I dreamt I was wearing that ring. I wonder what that is a sign of?