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David to May       May 3 1917

This will be a short letter as I haven’t had a moment to spare all day.

This morning we went out onto the line at 8.0. and have been there all day..

We are working on what was once a level crossing, but the Germans just put a mine under the middle and blew the whole thing up with the consequence that there is a huge hole: to be filled up and the railway track relaid over it.

The explosion buried large pieces of the track and these have to be dug out and as some of them are pretty big, (at one time I had about 40 men trying to move one piece and not succeeding) they have to be taken apart.

The weather is glorious and my face is as sore as it can be with the sun and wind, and of course has its usual brilliant hue.

I am very sorry to hear Bert has moved up again, but this may not necessarily mean that they are going into the fighting line. Anyway try not to worry Dear, he will be fairly safe that he is signaling.

Must stop to catch the post,   Goodbye.