May to David 30.3.18
My dear David,
This will be a short letter, as we are very busy, and only 5 girls have turned up this morning, one or two being queer and having to stay away. I hope it is not another outbreak of measles like last winter. Don’t think so.
Percy Wraight’s holiday was cancelled, but the folks at Huntingdon wired Ethel to go without him; she would not go at first, but afterwards did. We have not heard from her, but then the post had not arrived when I came away.
It is cold and showery. Yesterday morning kept bright, and I was able to do a little gardening but not much as it had rained during the night and the ground was rather sodden, Ern went out for a bike ride. He planted his tomato seeds in the afternoon, thus stealing a march on Ethel with her cucumbers. We sat over the fire in the afternoon and evening, and read, knitted and talked. Went to bed soon after 10.0. I had a p.c. from Mrs Taylor in the morning saying she was just off to Watford for Easter. I am very glad she has gone. She went to see Miss Massey on Wednesday and found her better.
My poor old cleaner Mrs Matthews is ill. I had a letter from her doctor this morning to say she was suffering from general debility and sickness, but that he hopes she will recover. It does not sound very grand, does it? I must go and see her next week. I wish I knew of a home to get her into.
I do hope a letter comes from you this weekend. It is almost 4 weeks since I had heard, though a p.c. came to Balham mentioning your letter of the 1st Feb, so I know it is on its way.
Must not stop any longer, so Goodbye.