May to David Beckenham 30.08.18
My dear David,
Last night and the night before I worked till 8.30, then in my dreams you tried to be cross with me, so I promptly turned my back on you, only to be as promptly turned round again by you. And then we spent a lovely time making it up.
You see I am starting my holidays in a fortnight’s time. As I told you before, Mrs Taylor & I are going to a boarding house at Bognor. We go on Monday, 16th Sept for a fortnight, and I would like to leave the work up to date. We are getting on alright now. I made up the overtime list this morning, and during August I earned £2.19.-. So you see I have not done so much this month. Next month we shall not do any overtime. It is payday to-day, too, so we are all feeling very pleased with ourselves.
Ethel is going to stay with some friends of hers in north London this weekend, so I shall be at home – for a change. Guess I shall find plenty of odds and ends to do.
Nothing more to say, so Goodbye once again.
In this short letter the word “so” occurs five times! I must turn over a new leaf, and think what I am writing about.
By the bye, I am using your attaché case. Yes, it is a cheek; but mine is a little too small for the knitting I am doing. You remember I am making a coat for Muriel. She is back from Devonshire, and doesn’t like being back, so her father says. Another “so”. O, my new leaf.
I must tell you this. I have told you about our patriarch, Watkins. Well, he is going away on his holidays this afternoon, and he is wandering in and out of our room in a light knickerbocker suit! It is a good thing for him I am here.