David to Ginger (Ethel Linn) Holzminden Post Card No.13 Sept 1st 1918
I haven’t heard from you for well over a month. Mum tells me that you still have a particular longing to stop people bleeding by tying knots in them, as in the old days of the first aid classes. I shouldn’t if I were you, as I guess the kiddies need you far more than the people in France. I wonder if you could get me the “Engineering News Record” for the weeks Mar 14th & 21st 1918. They have articles which I want to read. Please don’t send them here, but keep them for me. I have been practicing war economy. Having worn out a couple of shirts & being in need of a sheet, I turned the one into the other. As you may guess, a shirt does not altogether lend itself to sheet making without a little cutting here & a little patching there. However, the completed design is certainly striking & out of the ordinary, the whole effect being greatly enhanced by the fact that one of the shirts was originally a khaki cotton one & the other, (which I bought from a Frenchman) in grey flanelette & that the sewing is elegantly done with brown wool which I unravelled from a worn out sock. I think the pattern might be nouveau art perhaps.