May to David Bognor 29.9.18 Sunday
My dear David,
I don’t expect I’ll get much time to write you tomorrow, therefore am taking the opportunity today. The weather is awful today, the first bad day we have had on our holiday. It looked grey when we got up this morning. After breakfast we walked along the front to the extreme other end intending to come back to our end & then sit down and read. However, it started to rain just as we were turning back, & as we were by a shelter, we sat down and read. I bought a book yday called “The Canon in Residence” by Whitechurch, & found it highly interesting, especially so as it is evidently a take of Chichester, the place where we enjoyed ourselves yday. The morning flew rapidly, & we walked back thro’ the rain to dinner. Since dinner it has poured & is still pouring, but we have been sitting over a huge fire, & I have just finished the book. You must read it. Mrs Taylor has been reading a paper Miss Massey has lent her on natural history. (Here comes the tea.)
Yesterday we caught the 10.50 to Chichester, & did that place thoroughly. It is picturesque & old-world. We went into the cathedral twice, the second time to hear the organist practice. It is a fine organ. When we got outside Mrs Taylor remarked “I prefer the outside of this building – blue sky & green fields”! It certainly was a beautiful day. After doing all the main streets we walked 2 ½ miles westward almost to Bosham where the Chichester Channel runs up, & at high water there are yachts to be seen. We caught the 5.38 back. Besides the Cathedral we went in to 7 other churches, and in some cases watched the festival decorating being done. We did not favour any of the Dissenting Churches with our presence – they were closed. Chichester contains 12,591 inhabitants but must be a wicked place to require so many churches. Of course we walked into the Bishop’s private garden & looked at his gardeners working. I did not see the Bishop, or would have asked where his potato patch was. Everyone was asked to grow potatoes, & he ought to have set a good example. I am shocked! How I would like to tell him so!
On Friday night I went with a party to see some pictures, one being the WAA Co at work. They did look jolly over their bread making. Another picture was of Warwick Castle. I would like to go there. Another film was “The Ghost House”, very well acted, not overdone; but the Admirable Crichtons” were the best. Tomorrow we go home by the 2.25. We both look & feel the better for our the change. This seems a more favourable spot for the bungalow, but I can’t find the Golf Links. It is only a 7 hole course, & most probably in marshy ground. We have finished tea. The party besides Mrs Taylor & I, consisted of 5 old maids, 4 of them having white hair. They all look so extremely proper that I have a strong desire to get on with knitting the coat. Dare I? & so horrify them? Yes, I will. Nothing like setting a good example. Goodbye, I mustn’t waste any more time.