May to David Balham 29.07.18
My dear David,
I have just made up the overtime for the month of July, and I have taken £3.11.-. The rush is now over, and the work is slackening down very much. There will not be much, if any, overtime to do next month.
On Saturday I left at 1.0 & went home, leaving there at 7.30, and reaching Balham at 8.45.
On Sunday after breakfast I took Peter for his scamper on Clapham Common, and then Mrs Taylor & I walked to Brockwell Park. It turned out a lovely day and we quite enjoyed ourselves. In the evening we went to chapel. To-day is hot and misty.
This morning Mrs Taylor had a letter from your Aunt Bessie, at least I think it was from her. Mrs Capel is getting worse, and Mrs Taylor wants to go and nurse her, but can’t because Mrs Day is still away. I don’t know whether I have put my foot in it, but I said it was a good thing she could not go as she would only get doing all the nursing etc and knock herself up, whereas Mrs C has two daughters living with her, and two sisters handy, who have an easier time than Mrs Taylor, and they ought to do all the work; but that Mrs T might go down for a day and come back the same night. She said she would lock up the house and stay at Mrs Capel’s if she could only get rid of Peter for the time being, so I have not offered to take him home, thinking you would rather I did not let Mrs Taylor go away. She really is too good.
In this letter from Watford was a very nice sentence, viz that at the Pratts there was some war talk the other day, and it was thought that the war would be over in September this year. Since then the war news has been still better.
The regular pastor is away on holidays, and the man we had yesterday spoke quite ordinarily, and did not get excited; the result was that one man close by gave occasional snores, while Mrs Taylor nodded, and her eyes were closed. She afterwards informed me that she was not asleep, but has heard the sermon before, and as she knew it she closed her eyes.
Uncle Ken has retired from business, and is thinking of living at Solihull in Warwickshire. Auntie wanted Mama to take Helen & the children, but Mama declined with thanks as Helen goes to business. At present Uncle & Auntie have gone to Leatherhead for a fortnight, and Helen and the children with Vi and Harry have gone to Paignton.
In case the letter went astray I repeat that Mrs Taylor has received your first certificate for the Malayam shares.
I am staying till 7.0 to-night, but expect to leave at 5.0 to-morrow.