May to David Balham 26.7.18
My dear David,
Mrs Maconachie’s bazaar was a great success. It was only a small affair but they cleared £250. Our “Palmist” was there, and was the hit of the evening. The clergyman was the first to visit her, and the next was the house surgeon. She talked incessantly from 3.0 till 9.0 and took £2.15/- in that time. She was only charging 1/-. Everyone seemed pleased with her. Muriel has made you some chocolate all by herself, so Mrs Taylor is making you up a parcel. I forget whether you have been told, but the Red Cross parcels will not be as good as they have been as they have discontinued making up the “Special” parcels, and only send ordinary ones now. Sorry you are put on the “ordinary” basis. You will no longer be able to fancy yourself a colonel. You are limited in meat, sugar and grease, and these are being sent you by the Red Cross, so that they cannot be included in the Stores parcel.
I have been expecting you to ask for some more books – technical ones.
We are still making our fortunes, and strange to say I am not at all tired with this overtime. Mrs Taylor told me last night she thought I was even looking better than usual. I expect next week will finish our late work. Last week I made 18/-. This week it will be more.
Bother, I have run short of envelopes, and will have to “borrow” one from the office. You won’t mind, will you?
To-morrow afternoon I am going home for an hour or two when I hope to find a letter from you. There is one due.
Must now get on with my work, Goodbye,