May to David 18 Manor Road, Beckenham. 29.1.18.
My dear David,
I caught my earl train last night and then pounced on your letter. It was a nice one. I know it just about by heart, and have made a copy of it, more or less, for Mrs. Taylor and now it is being posted.
Ethel L. does not upset me at all. I only feel sorry for her and wish I could avoid making her jealous. She suffers, I don’t. I do hope, I shall never experience that feeling. It must be a horrible disease. From her letter to her mother last weekend she is evidently jealous of Jean, too. She will end in sickening her hubby if she is not careful. Why can’t a drug or herb be found to cure it? The world would be a far better place if the malady could only be cured.
Those lists of books ought to have been sent with the second batch of books. I will drop a line to Batsfords. No, it is not a trouble. You know it is a pleasure, and it doesn’t take so long as you think. I get out at Holborn, and come back by tube to the Bank.
I read out parts of your letter to Mama. It did make her laugh.
No photo or even portrait of me would suit you. You see I can’t look at other folks as I can you. As a matter of fact that that photo you have is highly flattering.
You say you blushed at the description of the Show. Now I don’t believe you can blush, even if you try ever so bard.
I have sent off that letter to Mr. Rowell. Yes, it was good of them to write you, and I hope they will again.
It must be nice to be able to sketch. Glad you have a picture. I believe you have one or two others at No. 56, haven’t you? I have about 7 pictures, half dozen tea knives and silver spoons, and two candlesticks, an ink stand and a cruet – almost enough to set up housekeeping!
I am making a green wool knitted coat with some green wool I bought cheap off a girl at business, for the daughter of one of the men at the Office, age about 6, and the money he pays for it will be handed over to a war comforts depot of which he is a member. I expect it will take about a month to make.
Must leave off now, so Goodbye.