May to David                     Beckenham                        28.10.18

My dear David,

Saturday the ground was too damp for gardening, so it will have to wait still another week.

Sunday I was a perfect angel. I woke up with a headache and knew I had a cold coming on. It was drizzling with rain, so I stayed in bed till after tea. I was sorry to disappoint Mrs Taylor as I had promised to spend the afternoon and night with her, so Ern went over in the morning with the wool (she and Mrs Day are going to make socks for the sale, bless them), while I fancied myself a grand lady. I have been out with you with a cold much worse, before now, but as you are not here to scold me I feel I am on my honour, hence my taking care of myself. I won’t do it when you return, though. Moreover, I feel I must keep well and strong to nurse you when you return, because you are going to be awful bad then. There are still cases of influenza about, though I have nearly all my invalids back now. We did enjoy ourselves on Sunday and discussed heaps of things, but I have no time to tell you as I am going off home now. If I stay till 5.30 they will expect me to go to the lecture to-night, and that would make me very late home which you would not approve of. Besides, I want to finish Muriel’s coat this afternoon.

I had a letter from Mrs Taylor morning enclosing your postcard of Sept 23, or thereabouts. So I only to have letter cards, and that means no more plans. Well, I shall hear from you more frequently and that will be a grand thing.



[    censored    ]