May to David                     Beckenham                        25.10.18

My dear David,

There is not much to write about to-day.

I am having another new girl in next week. I don’t want her, but Lutt says he would rather I had as many girls as I could, and then turn them adrift into other departments when I have got them into working order. It does not sound very complimentary to the men. They certainly don’t shine in training them, and then apparently the girls rule the men – at least some of the older men are ruled, if not all.

Yesterday it was “Our Day”, ie collection day for the Red Cross. £1,000,000 wanted. By 1.0 there was a notice put up at the Exchange, so I am told, saying that 1 ½ millions had already come in, and people were still anxious to give. We never were so flourishing before.

To-day I am giving each temporary girl as I pay her a leaflet we have stencilled asking for help for St Dunstan’s. I copied out the wording for you two letters back. I have not asked Mr Gayford’s permission yet, but I guess I ought, as we want to use the Board Room which is the Sanctum Sanctorum.

I am now getting back my influenza patients, and not having any fresh cases. I am feeling anxious about you. By the bye, isn’t it your turn to be sent into Holland yet?

I will add a postscript giving current events.

I am going over to Balham on Sunday, hoping to do my gardening on Saturday, but it looks like turning out wet again.

Commencing the week after next, when our rush will be over, I am going to let the girls in my section get off at 4.30 once a week, providing they don’t let the cat out of the bag. They have sworn secrecy.

Nothing more to say just now, except that I dreamt all my teeth dropped out, which is a dreadful sign, meaning I shall lose all my friends and that my sweetheart won’t marry me!



PS News from the front still continues excellent.

[   three lines removed by censor   ]

I saw a heading in the paper yesterday that women were to be allowed to sit in Parliament, but was too busy to read all about it.