May to David Beckenham. 27. 2. 18.
My dear David,
This morning your letter of 2nd Jan. arrived, and you did succeed in making it sound jolly. It contained an account of your Xmas dinner. I should like to have seen that feast and particularly to have heard your speech. As it was 4 ½ weeks since I had your last letter this one was particularly welcome. So you only had 4 letters from 14th Nov to 5th Dec. As a matter of fact I wrote 12. I expect the Xmas traffic had upset them and that you will get them all in time. Guess one contained an account of the Bazaar, and how Princess Beatrice bought 6 pairs of socks made by Mrs Taylor, ignoring mine.
I will write to Muriel and give her your message. I have forgotten about Brigstock, but will ask Mrs. Taylor next time I go over. I have copied out most of your letter and sent her this morning.
So you hope to be home next Xmas. We expect you home long before then.
Having a ball of your waistcoat wool left over, I last night commenced to make a teapot cosy with it. It will have a pale blue ribbon run round the top.
I read a good yarn out Lord Milner. He was at a friend’s wedding, but bad never seen the bride before. To make himself affable he told her he knew all about her as Jack so often read out pieces of the letters “dear Nellie” wrote to him, whereupon the bride froze, saying “My name is Joan”.
No more just now, so Goodbye.
P.S. Those temporary girls I have taken on had been working for me all along. Two I still have, and the third I have sent over to the “Indemnity”.