May to David Beckenham 26.6.18
My dear David,
I have not a scrap of news to tell you. Everything is going on alright. I am reading two books – The Morals of Marcus Ordeyne by Wm Locke, which I think will be rather funny, and Scarlet & Purple by Sidney Watson, the man who wrote In the Twinkling of an Eye, & the Mark of the Beast. I will ask another shop to send these three to you. The references are very interesting. The present war is prophesied and its result, the League of Nations which will lead to the Anti Christ and his Prophet and Armageddon.
I have been reading through some of your back letters, even those from Gidea Park. I thought I had destroyed all those from the camp, but I haven’t, and can’t either, -they are nice.
We are working till 7.0 each night, which means a few more bricks for the bungalow, though I suppose we ought to get the house first.
Had another interview with the chief this morning. We must have looked funny. We were arguing, as usual, I sitting on his table, he leaning forward, though standing, and our noses three inches apart. Can’t you imagine it? He remembered our previous talk evidently, as he was very careful not to let me cut the ground away from his feet again. I hope I did not show my suppressed laughter. He was really very nice – for him.
Don’t think I will stay late tonight after all; the front grass wants cutting badly. Goodbye.