May to David Beckenham Letter No 133 28th June 18
My dear David,
This is our payday, and I have also earned £1 in overtime, consequently am very well off and good tempered, in spite of the fact that one of my supers, the best, has given notice to go. She has a place at £3 a week, and we won’t go beyond 55/-. I don’t mind a bit. Shall get a junior in next, and they are more amenable.
Tomorrow I go to Muriel with the plans. In the small bungalow you have put rather a large kitchen. I am wondering if that could not be made into a living room, by partitioning off a part for cooking. Could you manage it?
Had a nice letter from Mrs Taylor this morning. She was going to let me off this week, but has written to say she would like me on Sunday. Bless her; guess I will go.
Did I tell you we have an extra quarter of an hour for lunch? We have had it all this week now, and we all like it. It took some time to get the chief to agree to it. Chiefs are silly things some times.
Of course there will not be a letter from you this weekend as Cox’s will have it; so I have to content myself with re-reading some of the others.
Our palmist is going to give her services at a bazaar Muriel is going to on 24th July. She will read my palm again later on, but I must give it time to change a bit. I reminded her this morning that my greatest surprise had not come off yet. She firmly believes it will.
The quarter of an hour is now up, and I am desperately busy. Ought really to stay tonight, but want to pay the butcher’s bills, and can’t possibly do both.
Well, goodbye for a little while. Hope you are keeping A1, and not worrying about anything – there is nothing to worry about really.
PS Did I tell you Maud was away with the flu? Mr Bishop had it last week, and directly he came back Maud began to get queer, and now she is away with it, so I wrote her last night pointing out it was very foolish beside being wrong to kiss Mr Bishop. I wonder what she thinks of it?