May to David Beckenham 24.7.18
My dear David,
I am making my fortune. That is to say, I am making 5/- per day extra, and I am not killing myself in the process. The work is easy and purely mechanical. I am leaving Balham a few minutes after 8.0 and returning at 8.30 to find a nice supper waiting for me. We go to bed at 10.0 and are soon asleep. I believe Mrs Taylor enjoys my living with her, and does not seem anxious to get Mrs Day back. There is a letter from Mrs Harris this morning to say her mother is getting on very nicely. I believe she has had the influenza, which she must have caught from her daughter.
There was also a cheerful letter from Ethel this morning. She has opened a bowling green. I expect she did look nice.
Did I tell you some weeks back that there was a notice in the paper about Royalty giving first and second class awards to hospital workers? There were not many firsts given, but shoals of seconds, and among the latter was Miss Friend. I reckon she was disappointed at not getting a first. I guess she had worked hard for it, being the kind of work she loves. Well, better luck for her next time.
Last Sunday I was practicing some of your songs – I mean the accompaniments, as you are coming back to us again one day, and I don’t think it will be long either.
I cannot think of anything more to say. O yes I can. I notice those Submarine pictures that we saw at the Philharmonic are coming down to Balham next week, so I shall be taking Mrs Taylor. She says I might.