May to David                     Beckenham                        23.10.18

My dear David,

I am feeling worried about you as I see in the papers the influenza is very bad in Germany. We certainly have a few cases here, but if we feed up we can ward it off, which we are doing; but you cannot feed up or take any precautions. O dear, how I wish etc etc etc.

Next Monday the winter session of the Insurance Institute commences. Mr Robertson, one of our joint General Managers, is President this time, and he will give the lecture Monday. He has sent us a message to say he hopes we shall all be there, but that we shall probably find his lecture unorthodox. That was not the word he used, but he meant that. I have been typing out pieces of his address.

Other lectures are:-

Nov 25th “The Romance of Insurance”. (Comments and interrogations by the girls regarding this are amusing)

Dec 1th “Some Notes on Insurance Shares”

Jan 20th “The Land Problem in Scotland: its bearing upon Investments”

Feb 17th “Africa, and Developments there over the last thirty seven years”

Mar 17th “The Road” (Limelight Views)

The programme sounds interesting, and I hope to go to all.

The eldest boy Bullock is in the Army, and he has been for several months. He used to be a Scout, and is very keen on soldiering. He wrote a very good letter, giving descriptions of the places he has been to and the work he does, and wound up with these words “There is only one drawback to the Army. You have the knowledge that you cannot give a week’s notice, and you know they won’t give it to you.” Rather descriptive of the British, isn’t it?

I will add a short paragraph giving outline of current events.

Isn’t it time I had another plan? I do like them. At the same time I want all the pages of writing too.

I am now re-knitting that coat of Muriel’s. I did want to jump on it last night, but I have hopes it will resemble a coat by the time I have finished with it. I was trying to iron it the way it should go yesterday.

We have not started work for the Sale yet. I don’t think anyone has decided what to do. We all want to do small things as there won’t be much time.

Goodbye for the present.


PS Good progress still being made all round.