May to David   Beckenham   24.11.17

My dear David,

I was too busy to write yesterday, and so I am today really.

Last night after leaving office I went to Polytechnic to get some more programmes to send to those who helped us, and today I have sent them off. I have already handed in to Treasurer £132, and there will be more to come!

In the evening I continued with your waistcoat, but have not finished the back yet! Very slow this time.

Am leaving in a few minutes to go to spend the weekend with Mrs Taylor. Of course I am taking my knitting with me. Thank goodness it is extremely mild. Hope you have warm weather too, or you will be cold without a woolly.

I was in hopes of having a letter from you this morning, but alas, it did not come.

Will write you Monday. Goodbye, just off to enjoy myself. Wish you were enjoying yourself too, but still you are out of the fighting, and that feeling is a great relief to us.