May to David 22.3.18
My dear David,
Friday, and a lovely day too. It is good thing you are not here, as I should only be grumbling to myself for having to stay in and work instead of going out with you. As it is it is no good grumbling.
I had a letter card from Maud the other day. Usual wording, plus the fact that she is better. Another girl who used to work in the same room with her has taken it into her head to be away this week, too. I would like to turn a few out.
Tomorrow Mrs Taylor and I are going out shopping. I am going to buy a new hat to go with my violet dress. There’s vanity. On Sunday I am going over again and staying the night.
I have no news. Did a little more knitting and some darning last night, but have not finished the first stocking yet.
I have invested the bonus I had the other day, and hope to add more to it next Wednesday.
Cannot stop any longer now; must see to the salaries.

Thank goodness I’ve got the money off my chest. It would not come right at first, having a short quantity sent up.
Tonight I shall be calling at the dressmaker’s for my skirt which I have had altered again. May it do alright this time. Then I have the bils to pay at the butcher; after that, home, and knitting.
We are now getting news in the newspapers. Thank goodness, as I shall not be sorry to have normal times again. One of Ethel’s men called in her office the other day, and Ethel asked him how soon he thought the war would be over, thinking of course of her holidays. He said

[rest of letter cut by censor]