May to David 18 Manor Road, Beckenham 21.1.18
My dear David,
This is, I believe, Letter No. 66. Isn’t grand being able to write to each other, even if we can’t say much?
On Saturday afternoon we worked till 4. 30., and then I was tired. In fact I did not get out of the train at Penge and go for my dress. Don’t imagine I was feeling ill; it was sheer laziness. In the evening I finished my stockings, i.e. the second pair.
Sunday was horribly wet. I had told Mrs. Taylor I might be calling on Sunday afternoon, but as it was wet, and I was still feeling tired I stayed at home and went to bed soon after 9. 0. I knew if I went to Balham I should sit up and talk till nearly midnight. We always do. We did get on so well with the work Saturday, and it has made me feel clear for this week, as we are up to date with the policies. We shall most likely stay next Saturday afternoon. I get 6/- an afternoon of 3 hours. Not bad, is it?
And that is all the news!
I have written to Mrs. Taylor and told her I hoped to spend next weekend with her. She might call in this afternoon. It is a lovely sunshiney warm, spring like day, and she might, be tempted to come in after seeing about her business.
I was hoping to have a letter from you this morning, but it has not come yet.
Yesterday morning I had some lovely dreams. We had taken the train to Lyme Regis in Dorset, stayed there a week, and then tramped to Penzance, and back from there by train, only we did not leave the place in my dreams. It took us weeks.
Must stop now.