May to David  Beckenham   20.11.17

My dear David,

Yesterday’s letter ended rather abruptly, and so I expect will this. I can’t catch up with the work.

The Insurance Institute is now opened to women, so there was a lecture last night on Marine Insurance I went with one of my girls. The lecture was most interesting. I think I told you Lutt wanted me to take over the Marine business, and I would like to, only I know nothing about it and it is very complicated, and moreover I cannot get straight with the work. The speaker was Sir Douglas Owen, and he was very amusing.

I had a nice long letter from Mrs Taylor this morning. She enjoyed the Bazaar, and was pleased about her socks being bought by the Princess. She wrote “Go up one, Mrs Taylor”. She had just received a postcard from you which had delighted her. I expect I shall be spending the next weekend with her.

5.30 Another thick day, and two of the staff girls who have been transferred to other Depts have interviewed chief, telling him they re not satisfied with the way they are treated. They want to come back to me. I have given L. a bag full of bazaar goods to take to his wife to see.

Will try to write you tomorrow, but cannot promise. I wish I had some of your spare time, and O how I wish to have another letter from you.

Last night I got on with your waistcoat which had unfortunately come to a standstill owing to Sale.

Goodbye for a while.