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[Fanny’s copy of David’s letter to her received 4th Sept 1917]

David to Mum     Karlsruhe     Aug 1st 1917

Dear Mum,

I hope everything is alright at home but of course it will be 7 or 8 weeks at least before I can hear from you. I am quite comfortable and my head and neck are getting along very well, although my ear is still somewhat troublesome.

I have been in the camp nearly a fortnight now and was here, and was sent here rather earlier than some of the others, as I had to see the Doctor here. If you haven’t sent an overcoat, I should like my British warm overcoat, the one I sent home you remember, but of course I shall not need two. Although I expect I shall want pretty warm clothing later on beside things to eat, some soap and Vaseline, tin meats, fish, biscuits and such like. I have asked for these things before. Please send me some gloves. Will you please by the Weekly Times each week for me and keep at home so that I shall know of what is going on. Will you also get the Telegraph of July 5 to 12 inclusive and also the paper in which my name appeared with casualty list, as I shall possibly need all these when I return. My letter to you seems to be begging letter entirely, but at present I can’t help myself. You might give my address to Ethel as I cannot write to her.