May to David Beckenham 19.7.18
My dear David,
On the way home last Wednesday I was caught in a short but most select thunderstorm, and was held up for ¾ hour at Post Office Station. The road was like a river and the thunder overhead and incessant all the time. They also had it very bad at home, and the cellar was flooded.
We are still fairly busy and making our fortunes.
The only item of news I have is that Mrs Day’s daughter wrote to say she was not well (I have my suspicions that there is another youngster on order), and Mrs Taylor packed Mrs Day off at once and told her to stay until her daughter could be left. Then Mama said Mrs Taylor must not be left alone at night, so I am packed off to Balham to sleep each night until further notice.
Ethel is spending her holidays at home. Ern starts his to-morrow, but does not yet whether he will go to Margate or not. Nothing like driving things till the last moment.
Your certificate for the 15 shares of Malayalam has arrived.
It is raining most beautifully, and could not look more dismal, but everyone seems very cheerful and more or less excited.
I cannot think of anything else to say just now, so Goodbye.
PS One of my girls is staying not far from Maud, and she says the weather is simply awful and it is impossible to go out. Poor Maud. What a blessing people down there are “so kind” to her.