May to David                     Beckenham                        18.10.18

My dear David,

Yesterday I had a letter from Muriel and this is what she says:-

“Thank you very much for your letter, which I should have answered before, but we had a friend spending the weekend with us, and also some people came in the last two evenings, so I did not get an opportunity.

I wrote off at once to my cousin with the name of the additional book for Mr Taylor. I am only too pleased to be able to help him in any way. I hope they will all get to him safely eventually. There is nothing to pay to the Book Scheme at all.

It was good of you to copy his letter for me. As you know we are always glad to hear news of him. Her certainly writes very cheerfully. The part about the “Sunday School” teaching amused us very much. I expect the men appreciate the lectures.

No, I don’t know Bognor at all, but have heard many people sing its praises. As to the bungalow, it seems to me that the actual place does not matter so much as long as the right two people are in it. Perhaps this sounds very romantic, but I think it is the most essential fact and the house itslf is only the setting as it were. You tell Mr T what I say, and I am sure he will confirm it.”

We are very busy, so I cannot stop to write any more.

I will add a postscript giving general news, so that the Censor can cut it off if he does not approve.

I am expecting to spend the weekend at home. The weather is lovely, so I am hoping to do gardening. The front grass has not been cut for quite a month!



PS Last night’s paper said the previous day was the best the Allies have ever had since the beginning of the war.

Northern France is clear, and so is Western Belgium.

Our Allies are also getting on beautifully everywhere else.