May to David Beckenham 18.6.18
My dear David,

[several lines of letter cut out by censors]

I am now making socks again, and it is so nice to be on them. I have not yet finished the stockings I was making for myself. It is much nicer doing things for others. I believe there are still several pairs awaiting you at No 56.
I had your postcard about the Marine business; thanks very much. I attended one lecture, and that was all, except that I parted with two promising girls who are getting on very nicely in that department. I expect they will soon want a third.
Had a nice letter from Muriel today. Wants me to go over and see their roses, and also take with me the plans of houses and bungalow so as to talk decorations. She says –
“I’m so glad to hear Mr Taylor has received the books safely as it will help the time pass more quickly for him, and I’m only too pleased to have been able to help him in any way. I feel I owe him a very big debt for all his kindness to me that glorious day on the river and at Bexhill – but apart from this I am only too pleased to do anything to help the poor fellows. After all, I haven’t done anything except write a 1d letter – what a magnificent piece of goodness!”
I haven’t replied that you will take her out on the river one day for each book she sent.
Another letter from Muriel this morning. I am going to see her Saturday week, and I am to take with me all your photos.
Yesterday and Monday I worked till 7.0, another 6/- for the bungalow. Don’t think I shall be working tonight.
It is weeks and weeks since I had my last rumpus with the Powers that be, so things were getting awfully tame. Therefore, it behoved me to make a slight stir in the working of the office. It is only Lutt I am up against, but I have spent the entire morning getting the other chiefs (except the General Manager) to agree with me. They have all agreed except one who can’t on account of business, so now I expect the fun will commence. Poor Lutt, I do feel sorry for him; but somehow, the first time I saw him I domineered over him, and I really cannot stop myself even now he is my chief. He means well. Sometimes I wonder whether I do.
Nothing more to say now, so Goodbye, May
PS The chief has had to give in.