May to David Beckenham Letter No 128 17.6.18
My dear David,
Our glorious weather has broken up. It lasted a good long time. It rained all Friday afternoon and evening, and I arrived home wet. Saturday and Sunday we had a series of thunderstorms with bright intervals. I went to business on Saturday morning, and in the afternoon took my enlarged photo to Sydenham to have it framed exactly like yours. Also left my shower proof coat to be cleaned. I have not worn that for ages. Do you remember it? I took it with me to Switzerland, and you fastened the collar up and nearly choked me; at least I said so at the time. You were in a very playful mood that day I remember. I think it was the same day that Uncle tried to read me a lecture. Poor Uncle. He could not make me out. Thought I was too frivolous, and behaved in an empty headed way, and yet knew far too much. He did not actually say so, but I think that was what he meant. I remember I felt like a mother to him. That was not the lecture he read to me at midnight, after we danced so, and had Old Lang Syne at Geissbach. This was another occasion, when we two strolled on for a walk and left you and Auntie alone. I am afraid I pained the two poor souls at times. Uncle does not approve of women having worldly knowledge.
Saturday evening I mended stockings & did other needlework.
Sunday I was busy as usual in the morning, and in the afternoon and evening read “Simon the Jester” which I finished in the train this morning. The book is written by Wm Locke, but does not come up to Aristide Pujol. I did not wake up til 9.0 which was a nuisance as I had no time for daydreams. I believe I dreamt about you last night but cannot recollect what it was.
There is a good deal of talk in the papers about changing prisoners. It would be heavenly to have you back again, but if you come I do not want you to go off to the front again, but hope the army doctors will consider the wound in your head too bad. As I before said I would rather think of you as a prisoner than in the trenches.
I have been looking at the plans of the bungalow and house again. I carry them about with me, and it makes me feel that we are getting on towards settling down. I shall be staying late most likely each night, and the money will go towards the bungalow.
Goodbye. May
PS Just had a £5 bonus given me. Another brick for the bungalow.