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Fanny to Ethel [in USA]     18 July 1917

My darling Ethel

The enclosed is a copy of a letter [from Edward Campbell] I received this morning. I know you will like to know all. And that I will try to do. I feel I have nothing more to write about.

Do hope you are all well with fondest love

From your Loving



Fanny to May   18 July 1917

My dear May,

Many thanks for letter shall be pleased to see you. Come to dinner.

The enclose is a copy of a letter I had this morning [from Edward Campbell]. I know you would like. The returned letter came yesterday.

Remember me very kindly to your mother. And much love to yourself.

From Yours affectionately

Fanny Taylor


Campbell to Fanny   In the Field   12th July 1917

Dear Mrs Taylor,

I am afraid that I cannot get any news of your son.

The last seen of him was in Bn.H.G. in the line, wounded in the head. The rest of my company was blown to bits except a few men who swam back across the river the following day.

The whole of the 2nd Battn K.R.R. except the few who managed to get away (about 3 officers and 30 men) were either killed, buried or wounded. I have hopes that your son was taken prisoner, but I can lay out no hope.

He was a most gallant officer and one where friendship was worth having. He first thought was duty and this was noticeable in the trenches up to the time he was wounded. This was on 10th July about midday.

My 2nd in command and other platoon commanders were both killed. I deeply regret his loss (if it is so) and sympathise with you, for as a brother officer there was none better, so as a son he must have meant everything to you.

His cheery presence will be missed greatly, however I have great hopes that you will get good news. It is hard to say.

Yours sincerely

Edward Campbell

‘B’ Coy 2nd K.R.R.C.