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Fanny to Ethel [in USA]              56 Ramsden Road, Balham, London SW12      17 July 1917


My darling Ethel,

I know you feel like I do, sad at heart, of the new of our David. I cabled as soon as I know it, which was Monday morning. It was in that dreadful battle of the 10th where the Kings R Rifle and Northampton fought in the death. I received another Telegram from the War office, saying wounded and missing. Further reports will be sent immediately. And I will let you know. If you can dear Ethel don’t look on the dark side but hope for the best. It a cross we have got to bear. But not as heavy as our King Jesus bore for us.

Pray don’t try to come home here, everything is too unsafe. And John and the dear children need you where safer than home.

I went to spend the week end with Frances Bruming and the change was good and returned home before eleven on Monday where the first Telegram awaited. That was missing. The one in the afternoon was wounded and missing. He got your cake a few days before. On his field card he said well, and received parcel. My last parcel he could not have received which was fruit, dear boy. Everyone is very kind to me.

Auntie and Uncle came over at once. They were here when I cable you. Oh dear Ethel try and keep bright. We are not alone in this sad trial. You are ever in my thoughts.

I am keeping fairly well. I want to try and keep so for your sake and David’s.

Kiss the dear children for Grannie. Polly is very good to me. Nellie returns home tomorrow and they send their love.

My fond love to you all. And I trust your maid turned up and of use to you. You mentioned her in your last letter which I received on Friday.

From your Loving Mamma

F Taylor