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May to David   18 Manor Rd, Beckenham    17.10.17


My dear David,

Not much news this time. Spent last night in getting on with the red jersey and hope to finish it tonight. Then I want to make a cap to match, and that will finish my contributions to the bazaar. Things are pouring in now. We have already priced articles to the amount of over £11, and have had £19 given us, mostly in half-crowns, so we feel we are getting on. We would like to reach £100, but shall really be pleased if we reach £50.

I think I told you Helen and the boys are down at Southsea. A cousin of her father’s has a house there. She has gone away on a visit to London, or rather Sanderstead, till the beginning of December, and has lent Helen the house in the meantime. She wrote to Mama and said her folks’ nerves, i.e. Auntie’s and Uncle’s, were very bad, and that they considered it was the fault of the children. The letter was a miserable one, and no wonder when she is not hearing from her hubby. She added that no one seemed to want them. That did it. Mama wrote back to say she could have Bert’s bedroom with a couple of beds in it, and the morning room, and that the children would not upset her. Helen is delighted, and says if the “nerves” are no better when she gets back again, she will come round. We think it will be a good thing for Mama, as she will have to have her dinner in middle of day, and the boys will keep her lively.

I have been thinking. I cannot see any chance of building that bungalow this coming spring, and very likely the spring after we shall be too busy with other business, so I am drawing out some of the money I had saved for that purpose and investing it, and will so get a few pounds extra. I shall be able to sell out when I want to. Mama is now investing Bert’s money which will be the finish of his affairs.

Cannot stop any longer. Am longing to hear how you are getting on. Only wish you felt as well as I do. Goodbye.


P.S. I had a letter from Esther this morning. She is back home again and has just got 3 tons of coal in for the winter. As per usual Passmore is worrying them by saying he will close the shop. David was to see him last night about it, and she will write me again. She has sent me 4 d’oyleys which she received from India as part of her wedding present. They are to be sold on our stall.