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David to [his sister] Ginger [Mrs Ethel Linn in the USA] 17th June 1917

Dear Ginger,

Mum sent another Buzzard cake from you on my birthday, such a fine one too. Thanks very much indeed.

I also got another lot of papers from you.

I have been unable to write before as we get very little time for letter writing and have been moving about from place to place a good deal which makes things worse.

In your last letter you asked my idea about a sleeveless jacket you are making.

I wouldn’t trouble to make them as the troops are served out with woollen cardigans by the army and also leather waistcoats so that they are pretty well provided that way.

We can however always do with socks as they are always wearing out and sometimes we can’t get them a fresh pair for 3 or 4 weeks together and of course they want a change pretty frequently and sometimes they don’t get a chance to wash them.

You ask too about home leave – this is a very doubtful thing out here. My turn should come round in about a couple of months but whether I shall get it is quite a different matter.

Another thing you ask is how long parcels take to reach me. The last one got here in just over a fortnight.

I am afraid this letter will only be short as the post is just going.