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David to May June 17th 1917

Had a lazy day today.

I went or rather the whole lot of us went to church this morning. The church being the middle of a field.

Our own particular general came too. Generals it seems go to church sometimes as well as the ordinary Tommy.

After that I had to go to see an addition fitted to our gas helmets which stops anything and everything in the way of gas getting into your lungs so now I suppose when the Germans send over some gas you just ask for some more.

These helmets are not the acme of comfort though as they are made with elastic bands which fit tight round under your chin and over your head. You have a rubber tube stuffed between your teeth, a wire clip on your nose, and you look like a member of the Spanish Inquisition and feel worse.

The men have gone to the baths to day but I didn’t have to take them.

Today is a Saints day I believe (most days are here) and I have just seen a wonderful procession but I can’t describe it as the post is just going.



June 17th 1917

My Dearest,

I have just got your letters 13th and 14th.

Look here, when these blessed German air raids are on, please don’t go up on to the roof or any place like that. I know it’s very nice to see things, but what should I do if you got hurt.

What made you wake up wondering if life were worth living – was it anything in particular or did you feel humpy? Well, come here – there is that nice – feel humpy now?

I am awfully glad to get your letter because I heard that the raid was in London and wondered if you were safe.

Yes I get all your letters, as I check all the dates but sometimes they come irregularly. I am awfully sorry that letter went to No. 5 Manor Rd. I am usually very careful about checking the address, in case they should go astray.

Look here, you mustn’t worry about things in my letters and image I am going into action, and so on. As a matter of fact we were only in reserve and miles away from the show and weren’t wanted and so didn’t go near it.

And if you write shorter letters or tease me any more, Ill – I’ll – well I’ll hug you hard next time I get the chance.

I do hope you get your war bonus and I hope it was be as much as you deserve (only they never give you enough) and I think we must buy a daughter – and a son.