[Fanny’s copy of David’s letter to her]

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[Fanny’s copy of David’s letter to her sent July 17 1917]

Copy of David’s letter received last night

This is my address

2/Lieut D H Taylor

2nd Kings Royal Rifle Corps

Officer Kriegsgefangenenlager

Karlsruhe I B


Prisoner of War

Dear Mum

The above is my address as far as I know at present. There are no restrictions on the number or parcels that I may receive or though as I told you before I can only send one letter a fortnight, and one post card per week.

Will you please send me some food. We get two meals a day at twelve and six OCK. Pack up the parcel as securely as possible as it may take 2 or three weeks to get here. Perhaps the stores would packet and send it off. I seemed to remember that they do something of the sort of course it will be opened before it gets to me. Will you also send me the following – 1 vest 1 pants flannel shirt in my drawer 3 prs socks comb brush and razor in front room one piece of soap tooth brush & shaving soap & towel. If you cannot at one time send some things to eat and the under clothing, and let the other things go, don’t send any more than I have asked for, as I don’t know how much room I shall have to keep things. When my valise is sent to you I will get you to send me some of the things out of that but at present I can get along without it.

I wish you would get the Weekly Times each week and keep it for me, so that when I get home I can read up some of the things that are going on in the world outside. You must keep an account of the amount you spend and I will settle up with you. At present I am in an hotel at Karlsruhe but expect to the Interment camp tomorrow or the next day where the above address will find me. We are being kept at the hotel until arrangements have been made to take us into the Camp. I shall not be sorry as the time drags long being shut up here, with little or nothing to do. There are four of us in a room 2 from my battalion and one from another. Yesterday I managed to get some of my underclothes washed but it is a bit of a job as of course I have nothing to put o while they are drying, so they only thing for it was to go to bed.

Yesterday as soon as we got here our own Doctor who is also a prisoner when with me to a small hospital and he dress my head there. He’s a jolly good follower as he did quite his own without my asking him to.

Now don’t worry about me I shall get along quite well and as soon as I get these things from you shall be quite comfortable.


Sent July 17 1917