May to David Beckenham 14.8.18
My dear David,
I have just had 10 minutes’ hindrance, and I only get quarter-of an hour for writing to you. Isn’t it too bad?
Heard from Mrs Taylor this morning. The funeral is to-day at 3.30. Mrs Taylor is going and will stay the night. Mrs Day is staying at Glenroy, though I did offer to go to No 56 for the night. However, I am going there for the weekend.
The weather is simply glorious, and it is time I started to think about my second fortnight. Now, where shall we go?
Ethel is in high glee. She has won two bets from Ern – a couple of large boxes of chocolates. I helped her eat them, as a sisterly duty.
Did you know that your father used to speak of me to Mrs Taylor as “Our little daughter”? Just fancy!
This week will finish the late work. I am only staying till 7.0. When I reached home I water the garden and do a little knitting, and then it is too dark to see. I have started on Muriel’s coat.
I have already explained about the Board of Education sending you those books. Muriel had them sent free (she has a friend in that place) because I said how slow Batsfords were, and how I thought some books were going astray entirely. I must look through my correspondence with that firm, and see if they have despatched all I have ordered. I believe they take the orders and then forget, tho’ they declare it is because the permits take such a time to reach them. I feel I have neglected you lately over books, but it is because we have had so much to do.
Next year we shall be spending our holidays together.
Goodbye for the present.