David to Ginger Holzminden Oct 12th 1917 postcard
I have your letters of Aug 8th and 15th, the 15th as quickly as those from home. Also on Oct 9th I received a very welcome parcel from Harrods and I suppose it was from Mr Charrington. The Red Cross at Berne are sending me your bread. Thanks very much indeed for them all, it is good of you. With regard to what I want, tinned meats with and without vegetables and packed foods generally, sugar or saccharine, tinned butter and similar things are the best, as we cook these things ourselves. Everything must be packed in strong cardboard or wooden boxes. I believe the American Express Co. Will make up and forward parcels. I got hit round about the head and shoulder but not seriously, but the same shell broke my left ear drum and they tell me my left ear will be useless, otherwise I are now quite alright. You will note I have moved, but everything is forwarded. Write often.