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May to David  Beckenham   12.10.17 and 13th


My dear David,

As arranged I called at the dressmaker’s last night, and came away with my new garment, and this morning I am dressed in all the glories of it. Really, it does alright; a soft grey trimmed with black velvet. If it is a bright day tomorrow, and Maud helps to drag me along, I might be tempted to be photographed in it; and if the photo turns out tolerably well for me I might then be tempted to send you a copy.

We are very busy this morning, extra busy, as we are trying to scrimmage in time to price some of the bazaar goods and stow them in the strong room. This morning I brought up a water colour, the Thames past Richmond, done by an uncle of one of Ethel’s girls. He has given it to us which was good of him as the picture was hung in 1914. I don’t know the price of it yet, but I expect we will raffle it. We are raffling another table cloth on Monday. It is not such a beauty as Ethel’s, and so far we have only 29 names given in.

After spending Saturday afternoon with Maud I am going on to Balham to stay the weekend with Mrs Taylor, as Mama is so much better again.


I didn’t have time to finish my letter to you yesterday so will try to now, tho’ we are desperately busy this morning. The bazaar things we stowed in the strong room yesterday were priced at £4.11.3. It turned out awfully wet, and I got a bit drenched going home – too bad with my best coat on and in all the glories of a new frock! When I reached home I found a parcel from Connie containing two dresses for children, priced 15/- and 4/6., and a dressing jacket priced 10/6. Arriving here this morning I saw Mr Maconachie who gave me a parcel containing several baby’s bonnets, one in particular a perfect gem worked in white silk, and is about guaranteed to set one longing, and various other things; also 5/- from Mrs English. People are good. The help we are getting is tremendous, and everyone is so delighted to do things for us, or rather, for the Blinded Soldiers and Sailors.

I must not stop any longer, as I want to get finished by 1.0. Bye the bye, it is a dismal day, and rains occasionally. Unless it changes considerably it will be no good to think of the photographer’s shop.

Will write again on Monday, so Goodbye.