David to Ginger Holzminden Dec 12th 1917 Post Card 4
In all I have had 10 parcels from Mr Charrington via Harrods up to date. Thanks most muchly, it is good of you. I told you in my last post card that I had your letter with the two photos. I am also getting your bread from Berne regularly, which is excellent. Thanks very much for that too. Please keep those books and magazines for me, I should like to see them later on. If you happen to have got that account of our show, I wish you would keep that too. I should like to see their idea of it. I am getting along quite well and I have discovered that I can hear a little with my game ear so all is well in the land. I intend to send you one card each month and other news you must get from Mum. Best wishes for all the good things to you all in the New Year.