May to David Beckenham 11.9.18 Wednesday
My dear David,
This morning I called at London Bridge and inquired about trains to Bognor, and find there is one at 1.50 change at Barnham, the station before Bognor. I guess we will go by that. It gets down at 4.0.
In my last letter I referred to one I had had from Muriel. I will now quote parts of it. I had sent her a copy – more or less – of your last letter to me as you referred to her.
“I was so pleased to have your letter and to hear the latest news of Mr Taylor. It is very good of you to let me see his letters, and needless to say we are all always most interested to have them. He seems wonderfully cheerful, doesn’t he? I am so glad the books get to him safely. It must be a help in passing the long hours. He evidently means business about the bungalow, so it won’t be any good your camouflaging any more when he comes back!!! It reminds me of a sort of siege – you have held our very gallantly, but I’m afraid the fall of the heart of the city cannot be prevented now. (I hope you like my little simile – please tell Mr T about it next time you write).
I am very glad to hear you are going for your holiday on Monday. I do hope you may be very lucky with the weather, and have a thoroughly nice rest. I know several friends who have stayed at Bognor and they are all very pleased with it, so I hope you and Mrs Taylor will be too.
In your letter while I was away you asked me about Babbacombe and whether I considered it a suitable place for a honeymoon. (Of course I have no doubt you are making the inquiry on behalf of some friend who is meditating marriage, not at all from a personal point of view, which I quite understand.) Well, my answer is a very emphatic Yes. I think it would be ideal, and I am bearing it in mind myself, if ever occasion offers! It is most charming. By staying there one can get delightful scenery, perfect solitude right away in the heart of the country, lovely bathing, picnics, walks, etc or by way of a change Torquay is within walking distance, and it is quite a nice town with concerts, theatres etc and is a charming place at the same time. Babbacombe abounds in quiet little nooks and delightful little glades and places. Now what more could be desired (except the right man, of course)?
I feel ever so much better for my holiday. It was perfect in every way. The old farm where we stayed was charming, and the catering excellent, and all very clean and good cooking and attention. All for the modest sum of £2.2/- a week inclusive! I am ever so keen on bathing. I have never been allowed to bathe before so I made the most of it, you can imagine.
Isn’t the war news splendid just now. One can only hope it will last.
Mother asked me to send you her kind remembrances when I wrote.
Hoping you will spend a very nice holiday, and with much love
Yours affectionately
PS The dress I made has turned out quite well, and I’m quite pleased with it for a first attempt.”
I have no news for you to-day, so Goodbye.