May to David Beckenham Letter No 165 10.9.18 Tuesday
My dear David,
Last Friday on the way home I called at the butcher’s and paid the bills, then I called for two pairs of shoes I had left the previous week to be mended, and found the blighters have put on rubber heels, instead of my favourite iron tips. Mama is delighted as she objects to the important noise I make when I walk. That noise is the only important thing about me.
Saturday morning I had off. I helped Mama get up the potatoes. It was a very nice day but the glass had gone back a good deal, so we thought we had better dig while we had the chance. As Sunday was a drencher we were glad. I weighed the potatoes, and they came to 61 lb 15 oz, the largest being 10 ½ oz. We are feeling very pleased with ourselves, as we have only one bed to grow them on, and that is not very big.
Sunday I felt tired, and as though a cold were coming on, so did not go to Balham. I pottered about in the morning and read all the afternoon, and practiced in the evening.
Monday morning I woke up with the cold decidedly there. Thinks I “This is a nuisance as my colds usually last a fortnight, and to-day week I mean to go to Bognor; therefore I will be wise and stay in bed”. Imagine me fancying myself a grand lady all day. I had a grand appetite which Mama appeased very well. When I was not eating or dozing I was thinking of my future home. O, I did enjoy myself. Strange to say I slept like a top when it came to bedtime, and did not wake up till 7.0 when I jumped out of bed and went for the dumbbells. I have almost worked, or slept, my cold away.
A letter came from Mrs Taylor this morning enclosing your post card of Aug 8th.
Yesterday Mrs Gayford telephoned through for me. She is going to our boarding house on next Saturday and will be having the bedroom next to ours. I have just written to Mrs Taylor and told her. Dear me, I am afraid I shall have to put on my very best behaviour. As you will not be there I might succeed. You cannot punish me for that cheek as you are too far away. Now I stand a chance of getting some of my own back.
This morning I had a nice letter from Muriel. I will give you the contents in my next letter.